When to wash curly hair?

when to ash curly hair

A cleansed scalp is a healthy scalp. It is free of sweat, toxins, dirt and debris, thus allowing a free environment to promote hair growth. As well as, allowing proper penetration of moisture and protein into our hair strands needed to maintain the health of your hair. Hence, washing your curly hair is very imperative. But, when do we wash it? It all depends on the needs of your hair. You may wash your hair on a particular frequency, it’s needs, and after certain activities.

Here is when you should wash your curly hair:

Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly:

It is highly recommended to wash curly hair once a week. The dirt, debris, product build-up, and excess oils need to be removed from our scalp and hair that has been laying there for a week. However, there are certain circumstances that prevent you from washing it every week. This is when bi-weekly is suitable. You may need to cleanse your hair with a clarifying shampoo to ensure that the scalp is extra clean. Your hair should only be washed on a monthly basis if you are wearing a protective style. However, if you can’t wait that long then you can wash your braids while it is in the protective style every 1 – 2 weeks.


Your hair may be dry because it needs to be cleansed, not moisturised. You are moisturising your hair on a consistent basis, however, your hair does not feel moisturised. This is because the hair strands are covered in products, excess oil, sweat and even dirt. Thus, making moisture difficult to penetrate the hair strands. Therefore, cleanse your scalp and hair strands in order for it to be moisturised properly.

After Swimming:

During the summertime, we all love the beach and pool. But, do you know swimming in the salt and chlorine water can wreak havoc on our hair? Therefore, it needs to be cleaned properly. If we swim with our hair out, the chlorine from the pool or salt water from the beach will take away the moisture previously added to our hair. Thus, we need to remove the particles from our hair after being in the water.

After excessive physical activity:

After playing sports our bodies are usually covered in sweat. Well, so is our scalp. Leaving the sweat on our scalp allows the fungus to appear because the area is wet when it should be dry. After playing sports excessive or vigorously it is time to cleanse your hair with a cleanser, clarifier or shampoo. You should only use dry shampoo when the time won’t allow you to cleanse it. And, be sure to follow up with a cleanser promptly.

When do you wash your curly hair?

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