when to oil curly hair ?

when to oil curly hair

Curly hair produces its own oil called sebum. However, due to the kinks and coily nature of our strands the sebum is not able to travel to the end to coat. Our hair strand needs the sebum because t is filled with the moisture, strength, as well as properties needed for hair growth. Hence, we oil our own curly hair to receive the benefits. Depending on your hair type, texture as well as needs, there is an oil for it. The most common oils used in the community are olive, castor, as well as coconut oil. Oiling our curly hair allows it to get the nutrients needed to reach its optimal healthy state.

You should oil your curly hair:

At Nights: If you are looking for additional hair growth, oil your scalp at nights. Massaging your scalp at nights with the oil will promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp will increase blood flow to the scalp. Thus, allowing the nutrients to be transported to the scalp to nourish it for growth. This is similar to the inversion method where every night for 7 days per month your massage your scalp with oil. Then, invert your head down for 5 minutes. This has been proven to enhance growth by 1 inch per month.

When It is Dry: Naturally curly hair is dry because the sebum doesn’t travel to the end of the hair. Hence, we can use moisturising oils such as olive, coconut and avocado oil to nourish our tresses. These oils are able to penetrate the hair strands with the moisture within their oil. Everyone knows that coconut, olive, and avocado are fortifying plants that we use throughout our hair regimen. So, why not use the oils?

When it Is Weak/Damaged: There is only one oil that I recommend for this which is castor oil. It is the powerhouse among all the oils. This is due to its natural conditioning properties. Thus, being a great moisturiser for extremely damaged or weak hair. Usually, naturals would steam their hair with castor oil prior to washing. As well as, doing hot oil treatments with it. Its potency allows it to penetrate into the hair strands as well as the scalp to infuse it with the acids needed to maintain it’s health.

For The LOC/LCO Method: The “O” in the LOC/LCO method, stands for Oil. We apply the oil second or third, depending on the acronym that you use to hold in the moisture added from the water/liquid. Remember that water and oil don’t mix. If the two liquids are placed into a container the oil will rise to the top. Therefore, it will cover the oil on our hair strands allowing the moisture to stay in. The type of oil that should be using for these methods are sealing oils such as black castor, grapeseed and jojoba oil.

As you can tell using oil in our curly hair is imperative. It aids in moisturising, repairing and promoting hair growth. Thus, allowing our hair to reach its optimal healthy state. When do you oil your curly hair?

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