When to detangle curly hair ?

when detangle curly hair

Detangling curly hair may seem like a hassle, however, it’s not. If you know how to care for your natural hair, then you should know how to detangle. Detangling is easy, especially when done with a comb. It may take some time to get used to if it’s done with your figures. Also, detangling can be easy if it’s done at the right time. There are 4 occasions for when you should detangle your curly hair: frequency, on wash days, when it is wet and when it is tangled.

These occasions allow your hair to be detangled easily with little to no breakage.

Frequency: Naturals recommend that kinky hair is detangled once a week. It allows for us to get rid of shed hair that can cause knots and tangles. As well as, harbour our ability to retain length. Detangling your hair once a week will prevent all of this. In addition, it will make styling your hair for next week easier because there are no knots. However, there are certain unexpected occasions that will force you to do it every other week. If so, it is understandable. As well as, you may have to detangle once per month if you are wearing a long term protective style. Detangling on a monthly basis should only be done since your hair is wrapped up for a long period of time. After this time your hair may be harder to detangle. Just remember patience is key.

When it is wet: Your hair should only be detangled on wet or damp hair. The comb or your fingers are able to glide through wet hair easier than it is dry hair. As well as, the tools are able to remove dead/shredded hair easily on damp hair. That is why we detangle on wash days. However, if you choose to detangle outside of wash days to ensure that your hair is damp/wet.

On Wash Days: Along with your hair being wet, it should have deep conditioner or conditioner in it. These times are usually on wash days. This is when the best detangling should be done. Your technique should be right. As well as, how long you take to detangle it.m

When It is Tangled: After a week of wearing a wash and go, or a month of wearing box braids, it is time to comb it out. For that long period of time, your hair has been knotted from rubbing against clothing or objects, manipulation as well as naturally. Also, our hair sheds 1– – 150 strands a day so some of those shed hair got tangled up as well. As soon as your hair starts to get tangled, ensure to detangle it. Do not let it stay for an extended period of time unless you can’t help it.

Now that you’ve learned so much about detangling curly hair, when do you detangle your curly hair?

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