When to deep condition curly hair ?

when deep conditionning curly hair


Deep conditioning is an important part of any natural’s hair regimen. Why? Because it allows penetration of moisture, as well as, protein into your hair strands. Curly hair is naturally dry because our natural sebum isn’t able to travel to along our hair shaft due to the kinks and curls. Also, our hair is made up protein which can be lost through manipulation, and from the environment. Especially if your hair is coloured, dry, breaking, or heat damaged then deep conditioning should be crucial for your hair. Hence, we deep condition so that our hair gets what it needs. Thus, enabling us to have long and healthy curly hair. The real question is, when do we deep condition our kinky hair – on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis?

On A Weekly Basis:

It is highly recommended that your natural hair is deep conditioned on a weekly basis. “It should go no longer than a week without deep conditioning” is what I know you’ve read on countless blogs, including this one. However, have you ever stop to think why? Curly hair needs a lot of moisture to maintain the health of it. In addition, your hair needs to be rejuvenated with the moisture that it lost throughout the week from styling, the environment, as well as unnecessary manipulation. If you’re already deep conditioning it on a weekly basis, then “you go girl!”

On A Bi-weekly Basis:

Some low manipulation hairstyles such as twist outs, braid outs, and even wash and go may last longer than a week. Depending on your hair needs, you can get away with deep conditioning on a biweekly basis. Curly hair 101 is that the most your hair should go without deep conditioning is 2 weeks. Therefore, you can also deep condition your hair on a biweekly basis.


Deep conditioning your hair on a monthly basis should only be done if your hair is in a long-term protective style. If you’ve decided to wear a protective style such as box braid, Senegalese twists, Havanna twists and so much other, then deep conditioning every month is understandable. You should deep condition your hair prior to the style, as well as after. Before installing the protective style your hair will be able to be infused with the moisture it needs from the upcoming 4 weeks of no moisture. As well as, after to replenish the moisture that was lost throughout the 4 weeks of being covered under the synthetic hair. Ensure to use a fortifying conditioner with protein as well as moisture. This ensures that your stays healthy while protected.

The recommended frequency as to which to deep condition your hair is weekly. You should not go longer than 7 days without deep conditioning if you can help. There may be circumstances such as family, personal and other events that may prevent you from doing this. But, do try. Deep conditioning your hair should be a staple task within your hair regimen. When do you deep condition your curly hair?

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